Encore! – Echoes of The Wizard of Oz’s Emerald City in Contemporary Cinema

ENCORE! © France 24

David Lynch, best known for the surreal, unsettling cinematic worlds he creates, is the focus of a new documentary that explores his artistic inspiration drawn from one of Hollywood’s most vibrant visual journeys: “The Wizard of Oz”. Film critic Lisa Nesselson discusses how this critical examination highlights some of the iconography of the 1939 classic in Lynch’s oeuvre. We also revisit one of the filmmaker’s darker, more enigmatic movies as “Inland Empire” is re-released in France. French film favourites Virginie Efira and Melvil Poupaud star as a couple ensnared in a toxic relationship in Valerie Donzelli’s latest film: “Just the Two of Us”. Lastly, we delve into the newest addition to the Marvel universe, “Spider-man: Across the Spider-Verse”.

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