Encore! – Film show: Harrison Ford is still hunky as intrepid archaeologist Indiana Jones

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More than 40 years after “Raiders of the Lost Ark” introduced the world to adventure-seeking archaeologist Indiana Jones, an 80-year-old Harrison Ford returns to the iconic role for a fifth and final instalment. For FRANCE 24 film critic Lisa Nesselson, it’s an “exemplary popcorn flick”, complete with action, suspense, exotic locations and one of the most recognisable music scores around.

We also take a look at “A Brighter Tomorrow” – a spoof on politics and cinema from Italian director Nanni Moretti – and French drama “Magnificat”, which begins with the revelation that a deceased Catholic priest was actually a woman. 

Finally, Lisa tells us about the re-release of neo-noir thriller “Le Samouraï”, starring Alain Delon.  

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