Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie visits Ukraine

By Euronews  with AP, AFP

A US presidential candidate visiting Ukraine says the inhumanity of war is palpable and believes America needs to continue to support the country in its war with Russia

After visiting Ukraine, presidential Republican candidate Christopher Christie said he’s convinced the US should continue to support and help the country in its war with Russia.

The state governor of New Jersey visited Bucha where he laid flowers in memory of fallen soldiers and prayed for Ukrainian volunteers who were killed by Russian troops at the beginning of the war in Moshchun. 

Christie also talked to victims of the conflict at Ukraine’s Child Rights Protection Centre.

“I feel the cruelty, and you feel the inhumanity,” Christie said during his trip, “and you look at this, and I don’t think there’s anyone in our country who would come here and see this and not feel as if these are the things that America needs to stand up to prevent.”

Christie said the Ukrainian president spoke about his desire for there to be bipartisan support for Ukraine but made no comments on the US presidential race.

“He was very complimentary of President Biden, some of the things that he’s advocated for, but also made clear that he thought there was more that needed to be done,” Christie said. ”There was no conversation at all from him about, you know, the race that I’m in.”

The Republican presidential candidates are divided over the future of US involvement in the war.

On Friday, Ukraine issued postage stamps featuring US F-16 fighter jets, which it says it urgently needs Western allies to deliver to protect it from Russian attacks.

Hundreds of people queued up in Kyiv’s main post office to buy the newly designed stamp with a matching envelope.

Ukraine’s Ukrposhta post office service said it was releasing the design, called ‘Exterminators of Evil’, to stress “the urgent need for this type of aviation”.

“While we are all waiting for the arrival of the F-16s, we have decided to launch our new stamp,” said Ukrposhta Director General Igor Smelyansky.

The latest eye-catching stamp, aimed at collectors, shows one of the Kremlin towers being ground down by a kitchen grater with holes in the shape of fighter jets.

The Post Office described the Kremlin as “a symbol of the empire of evil.”

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