VIDEO : Watch: a giant puppet called Little Amal visits the US-Mexico border

‘Little Amal’, a giant puppet representing a Syrian refugee, arrived in Ciudad Juarez, a popular crossing on Mexico’s border with the United States.

The US border forces reported 1.8 million migrant crossings across the entirety of the southern border between October 2022 and August 2023.

“Amal comes from Aleppo in Syria. She’s one child who is alone, but she represents the potential that all refugees have,” said David Lan, one of the producers behind the giant puppet.

Perla Marquez, spokeswoman for the Mexican System for the Integral Development of the Family, explained: “She learned about the many people who are travelling up from Latin America, South America, through Mexico, to the United States. As a young person, she wanted to know who they are, where they come from, and why they’re travelling. It’s a journey of discovery.”

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