arts24 – The Turner Prize 2023: Meet the new ‘Darling’ of the art world

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British artist and this year’s Turner Prize winner Jesse Darling talks about his prize-winning work which has been described as “delirious” and “juggling” with themes of Brexit, nationality, identity, bureaucracy, immigration and austerity. Humorous and bold, it’s made up of net curtains, crowd control barriers, washing lines, bunting and ring binders, among other discarded junk. He talks to Eve Jackson about making a state-of-the-nation address and his next project, inspired by French novelist and playwright Jean Genet’s novel “Our Lady of the Flowers” about underground queer Parisian life, written in prison in the 1940s.

We also talk about Taylor Swift becoming Time Magazine’s Person of the Year and look at the new film from French director Ladj Ly, “Bâtiment 5”, whose previous movie was up for an Oscar.

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