Six-legged dog adjusts to life on four paws after surgery

A Spaniel born with six legs that was found abandoned in a car park in Wales is now like other dogs after having her extra limbs surgically removed.


She is now a dog like any other, complete with adorable eyes, a wagging tail and four paws instead of her usual six. 

On Thursday, Ariel the Spaniel – who was named after the main character in the Disney film “the Little Mermaid” because her additional appendage with two paws looked like a flipper – underwent surgery to remove her birth defects.

The extra legs extended from the right hindquarters and appeared to be of no use, dangling beside her wagging tail, as she walked a bit awkwardly in a video shot before the operation.

On Saturday, the director of the Langford Vets Small Animal Referral Hospital in England said she was recovering well and had been discharged.

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