arts24 – New wave of #MeToo allegations in French cinema: A pivotal moment?


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Judith Godrèche has been in the headlines in France after the actress accused director Benoît Jacquot of rape and sexual abuse during their relationship which, she says, started when she was 14 years old and he was 39. She also levelled accusations of sexual misconduct at filmmaker Jacques Doillon. Both men deny the accusations. French prosecutors have now opened an inquiry and other actresses have also come forward accusing the two directors of sexual abuse. As French cinema icon Gérard Depardieu faces another sexual assault complaint, arts24’s culture team and Annette Young of The 51 Percent, FRANCE 24’s women’s show, discuss what could be a pivotal moment in the industry with talent agent Solène Edouard and actress and director Ariane Labed.

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