A change of scene on the Seine: Where to take a workation in Paris

These quirky coworking spaces give a taste of life in the French capital.


If taking your laptop on holiday is as second nature as packing your shades, you’re not alone. More and more of us like the idea of getting a change of scenery without having to take our eyes off work.

And is there anywhere better to go on workation than the iconic city of Paris? Probably not. The French capital is packed with rousing monuments and cool quartiers. It’s also home to a growing number of quirky workspaces where you can channel all that inspiration.

Paul Barboosa, an entrepreneur and influencer based in the city, has compiled a map of the best coworking spaces in Paris for clocking in remotely. From climbing cafes to floating offices, these quirky spots have all been tested for connection and comfort to help you spend the perfect nomadic working week in the City of Light.

Hinoki: For Japanese zen in the heart of Paris

Are you more productive in complete silence and minimalist surroundings? Then this microcosm of Japan just 15 minutes’ walk from Gare du Nord or Gare de l’Est is for you.

Punctuate short spells of laptop concentration with a moment’s meditation, herbal tea or a zen-inducing nap before floating back out onto the streets of Paris. Hinoki only takes eight people at a time, so reserve your session in advance (€5 per hour).

When the work day’s up, wander over to hip Quai de Valmy, around 20 minutes’ walk away. With pedestrian footbridges, canal-side cycle lanes and trendy boutiques galore (check out Make My Lemonade and Bonjour Jacob), it gives Amsterdam vibes.

The closest Paris Métro station to Hinoki is Cadet on Line 7.

Climbing District: For off-screen problem solving

Are you a kinesthetic learner? Head to one of Climbing District’s five sites across Paris for active breaks from your laptop.

“Climbing is a sport of trials and errors, fostering focus and perseverance,” says co-founder Henri d’Anterroches. “When you work and then climb as a break, it refreshes the mind and enhances thinking.”

At the Batignolles site’s digital wall, experience the adrenaline kick of the Volcano Maze – crossing the wall as fast as you can while dodging the lava. Buy a day pass to work and climb from €16.

Less touristy but just as cool as other parts of Paris, Batignolles is known for its boutiques, bistros and baristas. Once you’ve got your caffeine fix, jump on an RER train to Avenue Foch for the 99 Cameras Museum, a retro dive into the iconic devices that captured the 20th century zeitgeist.

Annette K: For rooftop dips between meetings

The French phrase ‘vaut le détour’ (worth the schlep) sums up this huge, moored boat in Port de Javel Bas on the banks of the Seine. Though it’s not an official coworking space, you can copy the locals in the cafe getting a couple of hours’ work in before taking a dip in the rooftop pool (€16 on weekdays). Annette K transforms into a ‘guinguette’ in the evening (an old French word meaning dance cafe) so take a look at their schedule for musical soirées.

If you’re heading back towards the Eiffel Tower, visit the pop-up Paris 24 Olympic Games exhibition Spot24 this summer. It focuses on the Games’ newest disciplines: BMX freestyle, skateboarding, sport climbing, surfing, 3×3 basketball and breakdancing.

The closest Métro station to Annette K is Javel André Citroën on Line 10.

Maison Mère: For executive lounging

The perfect small space for your big ideas is tucked away in a hip hotel on a quiet street behind Rue La Fayette in the 9th arrondissement. If you were to design your dream home’s lounge-study, chances are it would look something like the cosy and perfectly curated coworking room – all Chesterfield couch, velvety furniture, and a boardroom table that screams ambition. It’s a great perk for hotel guests looking to emulate Parisian work-life balance and welcomes neighbourhood freelancers too.

Wander north and it won’t be long before you reach Montmartre. With cobbled streets, squares, cafe terraces and even a vineyard, it feels like you’ve landed in a country village in the heart of the city. Paris’s greatest place to ‘vagabonder’ (have a wander) isn’t complete without a visit to the Sacré Coeur basilica with its cityscape views.

The closest Métro station to Maison Mère is Poissonnière on Line 7.

Bibliothèque Nationale de Paris: For pocket-friendly grandeur

Hushed galleries, rows of lamped desks, and cathedral-like arches might make this historic library sound stuffy. In actual fact, the light-filled Oval Room with its colour-pop furniture and free-of-charge open access is anything but.


Want to avoid the busiest periods? Check its occupancy in real time on the Affluences app. For peak-Paris, combine it with a stroll in Palais Royale’s French-style fountain garden right on the doorstep.

As well as the obvious spots such as the Louvre, gawp at the renovated Samaritaine department store as much for its architectural splendour as for its glamorous goods. You could also cross the Seine for the legendary bookstore Shakespeare and Company or the recently opened Serge Gainsbourg house.

The closest Métro station to Bibliothèque Nationale de Paris (Richelieu site) is Palais Royal – Musée du Louvre on Lines 1 and 7.

How to plan your workation in Paris

To make sure you’re all set for your week of coworking in Paris, carry ID for any work spaces requiring registration, pack self-charging devices in case of busy periods, and check opening times. Support independent businesses with frequent purchase of drinks and snacks.

For further coworking space recommendations, sign up to receive Paul Barbosa’s locator map, which includes many open at weekends.


For more information, alternative places to stay, and to purchase a sightseeing City Pass, visit parisjetaime.com.

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