Philip Colbert teams up with AS Roma players to create charity artwork

In a unique fusion of art and football, British artist Philip Colbert has teamed up with AS Roma players, including Paulo Dybala and Stephan El Shaarawy, to create a unique artwork for charity.


Art and “the beautiful game” have long been intertwined, from L. S. Lowry’s iconic football paintings, like ‘Going To The Match’, to even Picasso and Andy Warhol dabbling in depictions of the sport. 

Yet, while artists have shown their love for football, it’s rare to see footballers dive into the world of art themselves.

Well, enter British pop artist Philip Colbert, also known as The Lobster, who has teamed up with some of Italian football titans AS Roma’s biggest players in a truly unique artistic collaboration. 

Following his unconventional artistic takeover of AS Roma’s stadium last November, where he unleashed a giant inflatable lobster installation on the club’s pitch and put his playful touch on the player’s kit, Colbert is back with a new project aimed at supporting the humanitarian efforts of the Italian Red Cross.

Known for his vibrant and playful artwork, often featuring his lobster persona, Colbert has partnered with AS Roma football stars Leonardo Spinazzola, Paulo Dybala, Leandro Paredes, and Stephan El Shaarawy to create a one-of-a-kind painting. 

Colbert laid the foundation for the artwork from his studio, before the final touches were applied in an unconventional manner at the AS Roma training centre. 

The players took turns kicking footballs at paint-filled balloons on the canvas, resulting in a visually dynamic piece that encapsulates the essence of both art and football. 

“Making the painting together was a wonderfully unique experience. We visited the team’s training centre in Trigoria and set up the canvas with balloons filled with paint,” says Colbert, speaking with Euronews Culture.

He adds: “The paint explosions captured the energy and passion football in a visually striking way. I think it was an interesting way of mixing the worlds of art and football.” 

The collaborative painting will be showcased to the public at the Mucciaccia Gallery in Rome from 11 May until the silent auction, scheduled for 15 May. All proceeds from the sale will go directly to the Italian Red Cross.

“We hope that through this collaboration, we can amplify awareness for important charitable initiatives like [ending] violence against women and inspire others to embrace creativity in all its forms,” says Colbert.

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