Seven people die after a bus plunges off a bridge in St. Petersburg

A bus swerved off a bridge and descended into a river in St. Petersburg, killing seven people on Friday, Russian officials said.


The Investigative Committee, Russia’s principal criminal investigations agency, said that six individuals rescued from the bus were in a serious condition.

According to Russian news accounts, the city bus, carrying 15 passengers, breached a barrier and drove into the Moika River in central St. Petersburg. Remarkably, six occupants managed to escape the sinking vehicle.

Surveillance footage disseminated by Russian media captured the bus speeding, executing a sharp turn onto the bridge, colliding with another vehicle, and ultimately crashing through the barrier into the water.

Authorities in St. Petersburg revealed that the bus owner had incurred 23 fines for various infractions. Most of the city’s bus services are operated by private companies.

The bus driver was taken into custody by police. His wife told Russian media that he was forced by managers to work that morning shift following a 20-hour workday with minimal rest.

An inquiry has been launched into potential traffic violations and concerns regarding the safety of transportation services.

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